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              Stephanie Thomas is a photographer, writer, and artist. She and her husband Steve and their son David, specialize in landscape, nature, and wildlife photography. They are always happy to share their passion for photography with you! If you would like to learn more about taking photos go to Exploring Photography.      



The Bog Garden is a wonderful place. Though small, it's filled with a myriad of plants and animals. As soon as you enter the Bog Garden it will invite all of your senses to participate in the experience. The sound is marvelous. I especially love to be there in the summer when the sound of  the saccades are almost overwhelming. Then there are chirping crickets, frogs, and lots of birds including ducks, geese, herons, owls, and osprey. When you walk around to the other side of the Bog Garden you will begin to hear the small waterfall rushing down the hill and into the stream below. To top it off there are the beautiful trees giving the garden the feel of a forest and a variety of flowers that fill the air with a new smell at every turn.

I can only capture a little of what the Bog Garden is like with my photos and words. I wanted to share more. Click on the link below and listen to the bog's waterfall...

Greensboro Bog Garden Waterfall


  Beauty is all around us. All we have to do is see it." Stephanie


"Tree and Pond"

Listen to The Tree and the Pond read by Stephanie

The Tree and the Pond

The tree, once strong, now uprooted, lies in the same pond that nourished it. It reflects on life at the edge of the pond. It remembers the first time it felt the caress of morning light, the joyful weight of a late spring snow on its limbs, and especially in its early years, remembers swaying with the gentle summer breeze. With fondness it recalls generations of birds and squirrels that came and went, sometimes making the branches their home. Its limbs reached out sheltering younger trees and saplings, its children that grew and still grow strong. With pride, it recounts the many storms it has weathered and survived. The tree succumbed to the storms, or age, or illness, but that matters little now, for after a good long life, without hesitation, in the end, it gives its life back to the pond that gave life to it.


Stephanie & Mack Arrington



"Love Protects"

"Pea Island Sunrise"  

"Perfect Day" Pea Island, Outer Banks  

 "I don't just see beauty, I experience it. I don't just capture an image, I feel the moment. When I share my photos with people, I let them into my world to see what I see and feel what I feel. For some reason I am compelled to share it. Standing on the mountain means little if I can't capture the feeling and awe of that moment and give it to someone who needs it." Stephanie


  Stephanie Thomas  




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 "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. -- Albert Einstein

 David and Stephanie enjoyed spending a week taking photos in the breathtaking Colorado mountains.

"Cloud Sprawl across Maroon Bells"


"Cascade on Lake Creek near Twin Lakes"


"Aspen Mountain - Arrowhead Balsamroot "


"Independence Pass -  Panorama Accent to Mount Twining "



David A. Thomas


"Common Dolphins Surfing"  Ventura


 Steve and David spent a couple of days in the middle of August climbing up, climbing down, falling down, and scrambling to shoot some of North Carolina's gorgeous waterfalls.

 "With our photos we hope to reacquaint people with the beauty that surrounds us all while at the same time promote an appreciation for nature and encourage conservation." Stephanie


"Cullasaja Falls NC"



  Steve  Thomas

 “The camera allows you to focus in on what’s important, while at the same time cropping out the distracting elements of the rest of the world.” Steve


 If you have never been to Hanging Rock, you should take a weekend to go up there and explore the beautiful cascades, falls, and mountain view. It's hard to believe all of this beauty is just one hour's drive from Greensboro.

"Lower Cascade Falls NC"

 If you wish to make a purchase or have questions, you can email Stephanie at Stephanie@AShadeOfArt.com, or call 336-255-1006.

To purchase Stephanie and Mack Arrington's book of photos and poetry called "Love, Joy and Peace" go to: Love, Life and Peace

  You can find their work for sale at The Gallery of Art in the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, Circa Gallery in Asheboro NC, and Aubrey Home in Greensboro NC.


         Greensboro Chamber of Commerce - Gallery of Art          


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For commercial and editorial photography you can contact Stephanie at Stephanie@aShadeofArt.com.  

Shooting in the fog story - "Finding Beauty"

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